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1. Before you sign up, you use our free system on this website to screen your own patent - you do a "patentability questionnaire" and a "prior art search". We give you simple guidance to do both right here, on this website. It will take a couple of hours. It is totally free.

2. Decide if you want to file a PROVISIONAL or a NON-PROVISIONAL patent application. 

3. If you are filing a PROVISIONAL patent application, then just email us at to let us know. We will email you a questionnaire ("invention disclosure") which you fill out and send back to us. We will then use your completed invention disclosure as the basis for your patent application. 

4. If you are filing a NON-PROVISIONAL patent application, then we will send you both an invention disclosure to complete, and we will send you instructions that show you, step-by-step, how to draft the body and claims of your patent application. This is the bit that will take time. When you have all this completed, email us back your completed your draft application, email it back to us as a Word document, and we will use it as a the basis for your patent application. We do review everything, but remember that we do not draft the application for you. We simply review it to make sure it is suitable for filing, and then we take care of the filing procedure for you.

5. Using the disclosures you have sent us, we will review and prepare your patent application and file it with the US Patent & Trademark Office (USPTO). 

6. We report everything to you and we will receive and report all correspondence from the USPTO. Alternatively, if you want to receive all the correspondence from the USPTO directly, we can set it up that way too.  And if you ever have any questions on how to proceed, you can contact us (or any law firm). We will always be happy to help. 


So to start - click on the PATENTABILITY tab, and screen your idea to see if you can file a patent application.

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