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White Pathway

Created in foggy San Francisco, is a complete patent system for independent inventors. simple step-by-step template system to draft professional-quality patent applications. We file your patent application for you, or save money and file it yourself.      100 days of online support from patent professionals. Honesty and quality guide everything we do.

Why is better than the others:
►You keep 100% of the rights in your idea
►Much cheaper than full-attorney option, infinitely better than the online "patent filing mills"
►Template system with simple step-by-step instructions to create your patent application

►One affordable fee covers absolutely everything. No add-ons or hidden costs
►US Patent Office registered professionals available to help online
►Easy to follow, in plain English, with examples of forms & documents
►Supported by a full-service US Patent law firm (
►File full non-provisional applications (as well as provisional & design applications)
►Use our free system to screen of your invention before spending anything
►It works! No other system is as efficient or effective 


Draft & file it yourself $490

Use our simple step-by-step template system to draft  and file your patent application yourself.  100 days of online support from registered patent attorneys and agents.

Use our simple step-by-step template system to draft  your patent application. We review your application to make sure it complies with formal filing requirements (we don't review it for patentability). Then we draft all the USPTO filing documents and file the application for you. No hassle, no tricky filing forms or procedures. 100 days of online support by registered patent attorneys and agents.

We review & file for you $990

PATENT OFFICE FILING FEES: There are never any additional costs from PatentPathway. But when you file, you must pay the usual US Patent Office (USPTO) filing fees. You can pay these by credit card. How much will the Patent Office fees be? See Frequently Asked Questions.  

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Thank you Patent Pathway. The system was very effective and easy to understand. Lots to read, but it worked and all made sense. Great result! Thank you!

-H. Wickman

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Running Shoes

Get ready, get set...WAIT!!!

Before you say "GO!" you need to be sure that it's worth spending the time and money. We don't want you to waste time or money trying to patent an invention that is simply not patentable. So before you start:

(1) Complete the patentability questionnaire.

(2) Do a prior art search. 

There is absolutely no charge for this part - you do not need to register and we cannot see any of your data or information - you don't enter anything in our system. It's a free resource for you to use. We keep NO data.

ALREADY READ ENOUGH AND DECIDED IT'S JUST TOO MUCH WORK!?.....Would you rather work with a traditional full-service law firm who will do everything for you? Then please contact our partner firm of Bell & Associates  You can email us at We even have a special page for independent inventors: The first thing you probably want to ask is: How much will it cost?  A reasonable estimate would be about $3500. This is just an estimate, so please get in touch and let us know how we can help you. There is never any charge for a consultation.

8th Pg - CONTACT

Consultations are always free

Select an option

Our inventors have spoken! - So we're moving!  All PatentPathway inquiries are now redirected to Bell & Associates - a Full Service Patent Law Firm! We discovered that inventors would much rather work with a patent attorney than write their own patent applications... So please go to or email us at   

But feel free to use the resources on this website to assess patentability and to do your prior art search. It's all free and we do not require any information from you - not even an email address.

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